The Best Cryptocurrency wallet for DeFi

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2 min readMay 11, 2022


Best Cryptocurrency Wallet for DeFi

In the last few years, DeFi market have seen an exponential growth, which also reflects the potential of digital assets and the services decentralized platforms offer.

The building blocks of DeFi are what has made the sector so popular. However, for DeFi to become a true competitor to traditional finance, it must reassure customers that their money is accessible and safe in DeFi, just as it is in a bank.

One of the most important building block for the defi ecosystem is a wallet, if compared to traditional finance it can be called a bank account.

Most of the DeFi Wallet share similar characteristics as listed here:

  • Non-custodial :The wallet has to be Non-custodial, which means that users can store their assets without depending on third-parties.
  • Compatibility: Wallet should be compatible with top blockchains like ETH, AVAX, SOL etc.
  • Accessibility: Another important consideration is that your wallet preference supports or backs your interested assets, as naturally, not every asset is supported by the Wallet a user is interested in.

Picking up a wallet for your defi journey is easy now as Orange Wallet comes up with features every user wish a decentralized wallet should have.

From managing assets on multiple chains to managing NFTs on multiple chains all in a single wallet.

  • Setting up an account on Orange Wallet takes less than 15 seconds; Just 2–3 taps and you are ready to begin your defi journey.
  • Orange wallet provides easiest & speedy interface to transfer, stake, swap, borrow, lend, explore multi-chain Crypto Assets & manage NFTs inside a single wallet.
  • With Orange Wallet you can manage, transfer, stake assets on multiple chains in a single wallet with unbelievable ease.
  • You can bid/sell NFTs listed on OpenSea without leaving the Orange Wallet App.
  • The wallet currently supports Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrium, Avalanche.
  • It also supports ENS Domans & FIO handles, which makes it easier for users to send/receive funds simply through ENS name/FIO handle instead of the long wallet addresses.
Major Features of Orange Wallet

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