Slick Wallet: The first and only completely Polygon Focused de-centralized wallet

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4 min readAug 23, 2021

Polygon does not have a native mobile wallet. So if you’re looking for the best wallet for Polygon(previously Matic Network), we highly recommend you to use the Slick Wallet.

Why Slick Wallet?

The Slick wallet is one of the first Ethereum Layer 2 focused wallets. Unlike MetaMask or any other wallets where you have to add a custom Matic Mainnet RPC first, Slick Wallet comes with the Polygon network-enabled natively by default. So you’re ready to access the world of DeFi on your mobile in the easiest way.

You must have heard Elon Musk talking about the control over private keys. Slick Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, the users have full control over their funds and on the private key associated with their accounts.

How to use Slick Wallet?

Download Slick Wallet here. If you already have Slick Wallet, make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

1. Download the App.

You can download the Slick Wallet Android app:

And for iOS, you can get enrolled to our TestFlight Beta users at:

2. Create a new Account.

3. Copy and save your mnemonic.

4. That’s it! You can now easily transfer funds, stake them, and a lot more.

Orange Wallet screen shot showing its features and tab i.e wallet, staking, defi

Other than the basic feature of Depositing and Withdrawing of tokens,

Things you can do with Slick Wallet:

  1. Sending assets from one address to another.
  2. Depositing and withdrawing assets to and from Matic.
  3. Support for ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155.
  4. Staking Matic on Ethereum.
  5. Wallet Connect support for Polygon-based Dapps.
  6. Fiat on Ramp via Transak (Buy Crypto without leaving your wallet).
  7. Encryption for mnemonic storage.
  8. DeFi protocols like PoolTogether are easily accessible within the app.
  9. Mainnet Faucet (beta).
  10. Yield Farming for various tokens ( a lot of them are coming soon ).

Yes, Slick Wallet has made the onboarding pretty quick & easy with the Faucet, it allows all users to obtain a small amount of Matic so they can pay the first transaction fee using it.

Collaboration with PoolTogether

Orange wallet pool together integration

PoolTogether is an Ethereum application that makes saving money as fun as a game. Customers join a pool by buying a “savings ticket” — each savings ticket giving them a chance to win a prize — but even if they don’t win, they keep all their money. PoolTogether lets people have the best of both worlds — saving
money and the chance to win a prize.

Official Wallet for Kommunitas

Slick wallet is currently the official wallet for (decentralized and tier-less launchpad on polygon)


NFTs on Slick Wallet

NFT (non-fungible token) is a form of blockchain token which represents non-fungible tradable rights like ownership to an art piece etc.
Slick Wallet allows you to access and see all your NFTs on Polygon Network.

Your assets are your own, non-custodial. You can access all the NFTs in the Wallet section.

Guest Article by : Rahul Baloda
Rahul is a community member of Slick Wallet.
Crypto maniac | Interested in Tech that can change the World in a better way. | Reading about new Tech, Playing Cricket & Writing Some Codes, that’s all I do.



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