How to stake assets on EasyFi using Slick Wallet

Slick Wallet Team
5 min readNov 17, 2021


Slick Wallet has recently integrated with EasyFi to provide their staking program, natively right into the mobile wallet. So now the user will be able to stake assets on EasyFi using the Slick Wallet mobile app. Furthermore, Slick Wallet will be integrating Farming programs by EasyFi natively in the mobile app.

EasyFi Network: EasyFi Network is a universal layer-2 multi-chain money market protocol for digital assets with a focus on liquidity sourcing & capital efficiency for structured lending in a non-custodial manner. The Protocol is currently live on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

SlickWallet: Slick Wallet is the first Cross-chain mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi, NFT, IDOs, and DAOs across most if not all EVM-based chains. They are simplifying the whole DeFi experience by rewriting the UI of every protocol they integrate. They are aiming to make the Cross-chain DeFi and NFT experience so seamless that users will not even realize they are using multiple chains.

Step-by-Step Staking on EasyFi

In this tutorial, you will learn how to stake your assets on EasyFi using Slick Wallet.

Follow these simple steps to do the same :

  1. Open the Slick Wallet mobile app, and click on the DeFi tab, to access all the DeFi protocols.
click on defi tab

2. Now click on the “easyfi” card to access the EasyFi Staking and soon Farming too.

click on easyfi card

3. Now you can choose from the programs below to deposit your assets and receive corresponding rewards to the staking program. Those programs which are ended are marked as Expired, you can withdraw your assets from these programs if you want to.

4. You can see the asset on the top of the card (The asset which you will be depositing), token price, your current staked balance, APR in Reward, and other relevant info about that program

5. Now if you have the required asset you can click on the “stake“ button to enter the program and enter the amount to stake.

click on stake button

5.1 (Only for the first time): You will need to approve the contract to use your assets. It’s only a one-time approval. Just click on continue to review the approval and sign the transaction.

click on continue

5.2. Now you just need to slide the bottom button and enter your pin on the next page to sign the approval transaction.

slide the bottom button to approve

6. Now you can enter the amount you want to stake or click on “max” to stake all the available assets, you can also switch between asset and USD while entering the amount, below you can see your total available asset (0.851 EASY V2 in this Screenshot).

enter the amount

7. Once you are done with entering the amount, click on the confirm (Tick) button at the bottom to go ahead and review the transaction.

click on confirm

8. Here you can review your transaction, total amount, Network and gas fee. Just slide the bottom button to confirm the transaction.

slide to confirm

9. Finally you have to sign the transaction by entering the PIN and clicking on confirm (Tick) button.

enter your 4 digit pin

10. Now you can sit back and relax while your transaction is being processed/verified on blockchain. You can close this screen if you want to this can happen in the background as well.

sending transaction screen

11. Once the transaction is confirmed you will see a transaction confirmed screen you can close this screen.

transaction success screen

12. Once you have staked some amount in a program you can see your updated Staked Balance, Rewards Accrued. You can Claim your reward or Withdraw your staked asset if you want to.

click on withdraw button

13. Withdraw and Claim workflow are also similar to staking, you can enter the withdrawal amount go ahead and sign the transaction to withdraw the stake. For claiming you just need to review the transaction.

enter amount

So this was how you can stake any asset on EasyFi using the Slick Wallet mobile application. Also if you found this article useful, please share Slick Wallet with your friends and tweet about us tagging us @WalletSlick



Slick Wallet Team

The first Cross-chain mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi, NFT, IDOs, and DAOs